Friday, September 23, 2016

Ten years of chatter and tangled hair

I don’t blog a lot of details about our children.  However, an important milestone is on the horizon so I have made an exception to my own rules.

Our Annabelle is about to turn ten.  I recently watched her board a big bus for her first real school camp and I could barely believe that she has been in our lives for ten years.

I watched her mingling among the school crowd while the bus was packed and details were ticked off various clipboards.  She can be tentative, rarely at the front of the pack but never lingering right at the back either. 

Annabelle mostly wears a proper cowboy hat to keep off the sun off her face and farm boots for practicality.  She constantly reads books, instructions, labels, magazines and any other written words she can get her hands on.

She bravely takes a long bus trip to school every day and has never complained about it.  Not even on the hottest afternoons, the coldest mornings or when the behaviour of her fellow passengers has been questionable.

Animals are some of her best friends and her pony, Buddy, is perfectly suited to her kind personality. 

She notices the pretty light.  She is organised.  She will eat the strongest, smelliest cheese but won’t even go near Vegemite.  Her birthday present request is for a pocket knife, because it would be handy, in her words.   

This year Annabelle has pruned my roses, tackled public speaking, won a hard earned medal for running and spent endless hours quietly making yards,  jumps and accessories for her toy horses. 

Her musical tastes are wide and varied, just like her parents.  This song is played almost every night, at least once.  

Sometimes her courage and positive outlook on life stops me in my tracks and reminds me to keep my own attitude and behaviour in check. 

How can we be parents of a ten year old?  I can still barely believe it.

Go gently this Friday, friends x