The Shady Baker

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lately...dust then rain

This post has been rolling around in my mind for a while and it was going to be loosely based around the theme of dust.  

I was going to write about how every single tank on our property is dry.

I was going to write about how my skin, eyes and hair all feel so dry.  So gritty.

I was going to write about how a little bit of dust has gradually started to feel grubby and every single surface around me feels dirty and impossible to keep clean.

Then, overnight it rained. We were desperate for rain, especially water for tanks.  So far we have measured 31mm and life feels better already.

With water in short supply my vegetable garden is back to basics with just a handful of winter vegetables and some garlic.  In the remaining bare spaces I have planted a green manure crop which I am watering just occasionally.  So far it is looking healthy and this boy, Pirate seems to like it too.

Thank goodness for these two hardy, reliable quince trees.  With not much other food growing in the garden having these quinces feels comforting and reassuring.  

School holidays have meant horse riding, almost every morning.

While Annabelle has been riding George and I have been collecting manure and old hay for the garden from the cattle yards nearby.  We all get some exercise and fresh air while the garden also benefits.  A winning combination in my mind.

Is it raining at your place?

Did you plan a post and then things changed? 

I hope your Sunday is full of goodness. 

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