Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our island home, for a week

We only take a proper holiday once every few years so when we do, I like to put a fair amount of effort into booking accommodation that will hopefully enhance our overall holiday experience. 

Character and charm always win over generic, shiny spaces for me.  Although sometimes there is a fine line between charm, character and bare basics. Thanks to the world of Google and a little intuition I discovered Walden on Flinders Island.  

Walden was possibly one of the cosiest, character filled yet practical holidays rentals we have ever had the pleasure of relaxing in.

Constructed from a thoughtful mix of recycled building materials with uninterrupted mountain views from the main shower and a beach within strolling distance and we couldn't have asked for a happier island base. 

The memories of drawing, chatting, reading and cooking in this sun filled space will stay with us as a family forever. 

What do you look for in holiday accommodation?
Warmth and character or simply five stars?

Happy Sunday, friends x