The Shady Baker

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sheep, bread and little fires

Lately I have been paying particular attention to the things in life that just make me feel happy.   The simple, uncomplicated things that make the world feel right.  Here are some of them.

Sheep in the yards.  Wool makes up the majority of our business and our life, just as it has done for many generations before us.                    

Shearing combs, cutters and a mandatory singlet sitting quietly on their toolbox in the woolshed, ready for the next skillful shearer and woolly sheep to come along. 

A tray of self-sown seedlings dug up from a friend’s garden and gifted to me.  For me, a gift like this means everything.

We have enjoyed a lot of meals in the paddock lately; the weather is perfect for it.  As we shared this simple dinner the full moon quietly slid over the horizon topping off a busy but happy Sunday.

Bread rising steadily in banettons.  

The same bread fresh from the oven, in a tiny slither of morning light before the sun disappeared behind the clouds for the rest of the day, quite literally. 

Fruit bread containing dried apricots and poached quinces from my garden. 

Of course, in amongst the seedlings, picnics and bread there is also routines and school and washing and rampant weeds and the odd tired tear shed.  There is also plenty of good food, magnificent autumn weather and green grass in the paddocks.

Where are you up to with your good things?

Wishing you pretty light and a generous slice of buttered toast this weekend.

Happy Friday, friends x
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