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Friday, February 12, 2016

Taking stock

My mind is a bit of a tangle right at the moment so I thought perhaps one of Pip's Taking Stock lists might be a good place to arrange my thoughts.  It is rather long, so no need to read every detail!

Making: lunches and snacks 

Cooking: salted maple honeycomb to put on top of some little cakes 

Drinking: water, iced coffee and white wine, all with plenty of ice cubes

Reading: school notes, so many of them

Wanting: this gorgeous hat 

Looking: at my dying lawn and wondering what to do with it

Playing: this video because Hermitude, Triple J and Adelaide seem like a great summer combination 

Deciding: to turn the dullest, most mundane moments into something positive

Wishing: for a proper, old fashioned soaking rain 

Enjoying: our outback world, even though it can be harsh at times 

Waiting: for the bus

Liking: Graziher magazine

Wondering: if we have made the right choices with schooling our children, always

Loving: my husband who rarely stops working to make our lives better

Pondering: how to put together a special vintage/recycled/reclaimed wedding gift 

Considering: a new Elk handbag

Buying: a new Elk handbag

Watching: for the pretty light

Hoping: for a fun weekend ahead 

Marvelling: at a talented Indian lady who is making a big batch of flat bread for me 

Cringing: at the harsh sun in the middle of the day, really it is best to avoid it if possible 

Needing: to eat more cucumbers from our abundant crop

Questioning: why my last few batches of sourdough have been too solid and far from my best baking 

Smelling: my children, especially their hair

Wearing: when I am home, long sleeved shirts, denim shorts and work boots

Following: too many people on Instagram, this website and Instagram is a favourite 

Noticing: how dust in the air always adds more interest to my photos

Knowing: that getting away from the house each day is the best way to revive our spirits 

Thinking: about a little tin hut we visited last month 

Admiring: our Annabelle for her resilience and ability to adapt and take on challenges 

Sorting: clothes, books, pieces of paper, lists, craft projects, cooking projects and Lego men

Getting: into a new school routine

Coveting: more cotton shirts in more pretty patterns 

Disliking: innocent photos of innocent children, partially dressed on social media.  Is it necessary I often wonder?  

Opening: my camera bag, constantly 

Giggling: at the things our George creates throughout the day with paper, string, Lego and everything in between

Feeling: tired and energetic and happy and worried and positive and everything in between

Snacking: Cruskits topped with hommus, cheese and spicy relish, almonds, dark chocolate 

Helping: with farm stuff when I can

Hearing: the hum of the air conditioner and the ABC on the radio 

You might feel like Taking Stock  also?

Happy Friday, friends x

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