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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In My Kitchen, September 2015

Welcome to my kitchen for another month.  Can it really be September?  I have been secretly hoping that winter might last forever but the slow blow flies are buzzing and the days are getting longer and warmer.  Spring is almost here, whether I am ready or not.

When life gets busy I fall back on my repertoire of basic, reliable recipes to nourish my family.  No fancy ingredients or time consuming cooking techniques, just solid food that can be made without too much thought. 

White sourdough, cooked in the wood oven is always a good place to start.

Chocolate brownie from one of Donna Hay's earliest recipe books.  I can almost make this with my eyes closed.  It freezes well and being a little sturdier than cake, it travels well if necessary.  My wonky squares may not make the grade in Donna's test kitchen though.  

Basic, four ingredient biscuits coated generously with pretty sprinkles.  Sprinkles just make everything better don't they? 

In non cooking news, Sophie recently sent me this sweet little basket.  Sophie crafted this with her own hands from hemp thread and paper twine and chose the colours especially to reflect the landscape around our home. Such a perfectly thoughtful gift.  

Years ago, if we travelled to the city or other faraway places I would always be quick to visit the shiny, bright shops that I couldn't access at home.  Times have changed and now if we are on holidays I generally avoid the shops.  I do make an exception for any shops selling quality local produce.  

On a brisk Barossa Valley morning we found ourselves in Angaston, South Australia where I discovered a community shop selling local dried apricots and seconds lemons, among other things.  A few doors down we visited the Barossa Valley Cheese Co. and I was in shopping heaven.  Not a glitzy chain store in site.  

When we are travelling I also love discovering op-shops and second hand shops.  In Moonta I found this cute ice-cream tin.  Who could resist a flavour named Lime Crinkle, not to mention that cheeky Eskimo. In Wallaroo I found a tiny plate with a sailing boat on it, sold to me for $4.00 in an op-shop run to support the local hospital.  For me, this is happy shopping at its best.  

Are you baking the basics or trying new things?
Have you made any exciting discoveries lately?

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