Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Autumn light, holidays and horse riding

The school holidays have been busy and productive so far.

I have been babysitting tiny vegetable seedlings for a friend and I felt almost sad when it was time for them to return home.  I hope they continue to flourish! 

Mum has visited us and among other things, she gave our new olive pitting gadget a test run.

We have visited family for a combined birthday party and christening.  I just had to take some photos of their homemade garden art and tidy vegetable garden.

I have been experimenting with sourdough pita bread in the wood oven.  More to come on this later.

We have had some early morning grooming sessions at the horse yard.  A cold, wet Sunday morning was not enough to stop our young horse enthusiast from trotting out on the field at our local Pony Club and getting right into the action.  

The light is changing and it is particularly pretty when the sun is setting behind our wood oven. 

What good things are happening in your life?

I hope you are growing or sharing or making something with the special people in your life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Olive harvest

Earlier this year we started to make plans to pick our olive crop involving a weekend of friends, olive picking and perhaps an evening spent by the wood oven sharing tasty food.   Other commitments came along and last week Terry and our generous friend Matt picked 200 kg of olives, almost all in one day.  The kids and I picked some too, but mostly we made lunches and morning tea and kept the home fires burning, so to speak.  

Maybe next year we will make a weekend of it.

Using a press owned by our local olive co-op we pressed around 28 litres of oil.

Tasting oil that has literally just been pressed is an amazing experience.   Our oil is a vibrant green colour and tastes very fresh and slightly bitter.  The bitterness may diminish as the oil settles down in the containers.  The oil has so much more character than the usual supermarket variety olive oil, we are thrilled with the results.  

Are you creating or cooking or harvesting anything at the moment?  Please share.

Have a great week whatever you are up to.  


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In My Kitchen April 2013

Welcome to another glimpse of what is happening in my kitchen.  

Last month I shared a photo of my kitchen and I thought I would continue the tour with a photo of our dining table.  My husband made this hefty piece of furniture using recycled timber from an old shed on our property.  The chairs were rescued from the rubbish tip and recovered.  Like all of our furniture is it hard wearing and not too precious which is just right for a busy country home. 

These well worn pieces of butchering equipment were a recent second hand find.  They have been added to our collection of home butchering implements and I am sure they have an interesting story in their past.

With any extra assistance on our property comes the need for extra food to keep the hungry workers happy.  This was a simple slice made with raisins and walnuts adapted from a recipe in my favourite CWA cookbook.  Like most of these recipes they require basic ingredients and they freeze well.

Harvesting my first ever apple crop was an exciting day.  Although it was a small crop I was determined to make something special with the apples.  I decided on a Salted Caramel Apple Pie loosely based on a recipe from the book Edible Selby.  The end result was a bit rustic but decadent and tasty nonetheless.  

Last Christmas my mother in law gave me an old Willow picnic tin.  Ever since then I have been searching for other old picnic wares and recently I found this Willow thermos in great condition.  The stopper is intact but it is missing the actual lid.  Would anyone have the matching lid in their back shed?  

In March I made 150 sourdough rolls that were approximately golf ball size.  For my bread friends, each piece of dough weighed just 20 grams.  My friend Paula then created these mini burgers for the patrons of the committee marque at our local race meeting.  Thank you Paula for the photo and the opportunity, this was such a fun project!  

Every month Celia hosts a foodie tour and we get a chance to visit kitchens all around the world.  Please call into Celia's blog and say hello.  

What is happening in your kitchen this month?  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter campfires, canoeing and cooking

1. Cooking with fire
2. Breakfast in the great outdoors
3. This bread cooked in the camp oven with coals
4. Freshly caught fish frying on the BBQ for dinner on Good Friday
5. Hot, strong tea at breakfast time
6. Well worn camping essentials
7. Our canoe and an old yabby net we found 
8. Sunset
9. Magnificent water and ancient trees
10. An old fence emerging from the water

I hope you have had a lovely Easter.  We have enjoyed two days of camping followed by two quiet days at home.

How have you spent the weekend?