Friday, July 19, 2013

Tourists in our own town

The school holidays are sadly over.  We enjoyed plenty of holiday moments but farm commitments and catering for extra workers left little room for flexibility or down time.  This is part of farming and as we all know, life must go on.  But, I really felt the need to have at least one outing before the routine of school returned to our house.

On the final Saturday of the holidays we combined an essential trip to the shops with a touristy afternoon in our own town. After dealing with the necessary groceries and errands we visited a garage sale.  Not much to see so we hit the road to the historic township of Silverton.  

We started off with a simple but tasty lunch at the Silverton Hotel, made famous for appearing in many movies but perhaps most famously Mad Max II.  

The hotel is very much a tourist attraction but still manages to maintain the feel of a genuine outback pub.  The beer garden is roomy and an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy a cold drink and meal.

A walk was in order after lunch and we wandered along the dusty roads of the town taking in the quirky galleries, shops, cafes and the beautiful old buildings.  Tiny stone churches sit proudly on the windswept, rocky hill and they continue to intrigue me.

Ice cream was on the agenda before our day ended and in Broken Hill there is no better place to go than Bells Milk Bar.  Bells is an intact 1950s milk bar complete with sundaes, ice-creams, spiders and milkshakes.  There is also a fascinating milk bar museum full of early ice-cream related paraphernalia.  On this day we left the museum for the out of town tourists and instead concentrated on our cold treats.

Our outing was fun, low key, low cost and a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Are you ever a tourist in your own town…complete with camera?

Friday, July 12, 2013


Bare fruit trees in the morning light, lovingly pruned by some special visitors.  Thanks Mum and Feres x

Sunrise at our front door.

Nature table.

A new sheep dog puppy.

We have been cooking and keeping warm almost nonstop in our outdoor kitchen.  

Planting Kipfler seed potatoes.

Are you pruning, planting or collecting at the moment?  
Is the morning light pretty at your place?

Friday, July 5, 2013

In My Kitchen, July 2013

Welcome to another tour of my kitchen. 

Firstly, a large locally caught Murray Cod thanks to our mate Millsy.  We cooked the fillets simply in a pan with salt, pepper and a good squeeze of lime juice.  Served with roast potatoes this fish supplied us with several easy but memorable meals.

A big pile of freshly butchered lamb shanks destined for heart-warming lamb shank pies. 

A vibrant beetroot and yoghurt cake loosely adapted from a recipe in an old Donna Hay magazine.  This cake was moist and delicious and not overly beetroot-ish despite the intense colour.    

During the term when we are busy home schooling I find having something tasty and wholesome to look forward to at morning tea time really helps with motivation, for both student and teacher!  A slice of toasted fruit sourdough with a good coffee is the perfect solution.  After not making this bread for some time it has recently found its way back into my baking routine.  In this batch I added organic raisins and currants with a touch of cinnamon.  Dried figs are a tasty addition too.

These pretty Pyrex bowls have recently found a home in my kitchen.  I had not fully appreciated the simple beauty of Pyrex until I started to admire the collections of  Zara and Sophie.  I am yet to find any pink pieces as Zara has displayed so beautifully in her kitchen. 

Last weekend our youngest turned 4 and we celebrated by sharing wood fired pizza and banana cake in the sun with family and neighbours.  The next day we had an abundance of pizza toppings left over and I made this salad using caramelised onion, roast pumpkin, fresh mozzarella, steamed potato slices, olives, cherry tomatoes, coriander and rocket.  It was possibly one of the best salads I have made.  Do you find the most spontaneous meals are often the tastiest?  

What are you cooking or collecting this month?
Are you fishing or butchering?

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