Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doing the rounds

My life is stretched between a lot of different compartments at the moment.  Sometimes these compartments feel synchronized and other times they don’t.  I struggled to give this post a particular theme or feel and then I realised that lately our life has gone in hundreds of different directions almost daily so how could I possibly string it all together in one neat package.  

There are brief early morning moments spent in the vegetable garden noticing the ants feasting on the zucchini flowers.

There has been a hot afternoon spent bringing home a load of old hay and horse manure from the yards to the vegetable garden, complete with two happy car dogs.

There is distance education where in amongst the satellite lessons and spelling tests we get to be creative with flowers and paint out in the fresh air.

At the end of the day we make our living off the land and when the men folk are away working on other properties the kids and I do our best to check cattle, sheep and water tanks.  We may have also been known to take a few photos while we are doing the rounds. 

For us October always means back to back horse events.  As a family we have camped under the stars with our own horse and young rider while my husband continually contributes his time and skills to several bush racing committees.

Life is busy and sometimes it gets a bit gritty but I feel fortunate that we are able to do all of these things.  Some people may never get the opportunity. 

Is your life neatly packaged at the moment? 

Or perhaps you are juggling a few different compartments too?

Riding horses or growing vegetables?

Happy Sunday friends x

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sand hills and zesty treasure

It was just prior to sunset on a typically balmy spring evening when we pulled up at the back of the orchard where the promise of abundant lemons laid waiting for us.

Nearby, the white and yellow paper daisies on the sand hills were calling out for my camera but I knew if I waited a few more moments the light might just improve.  I estimated we had twenty minutes to pick our lemon bounty before I needed to capture those gorgeous outback flowers with my lens.  It is funny how nowadays my family doesn’t even question my constant quest for the better light.

With a cold beer in hand we filled two big bags with lemons, mostly off the ground.  We barely touched the heavily laden branches.    

The daisies on the sand hills were waiting for me and back in my kitchen, my best friends butter, sugar and eggs were also waiting.

Over the next few days I gently spooned homemade lemon curd into a batch of warm, plain muffins.

This tangy lemon slice was a new recipe for me taken from the current issue of Fete magazine.  My tribe loved this slice and I loved the no-nonsense recipe and the generous amount of eggs it used up.  

Lurking deep in the freezer I found a chunk of sourdough focaccia.  You guessed it; lemon curd seemed the obvious topping.

Some friends have received lemon gifts and there is lemon juice destined for the freezer.  

Over the years I haven’t had any luck growing lemons and all of this zesty goodness feels like treasure.

Do you have a favourite lemony thing?

Are you waiting for the prettiest light with your camera?

Happy Sunday friends x

Friday, October 2, 2015

In My Kitchen, October 2015

Spring has certainly sprung and I am enjoyed the change in light and colour around our house and garden.  

Celery and asparagus in the freshest shades of green and purple. 

Soft brown light on carefully cleaned beer bottles.  These are lined up and ready for another highly anticipated tomato crop to be followed by a passata making session, all going to plan.  I hope I am not getting too far ahead of myself.  

Tiny flowers from the garden including thyme, coriander, kale, quince, broccoli, sage and borage.   

Monte Carlo biscuits sandwiched together with bright raspberry jam.  

This pure green crop of stinging nettles has voluntarily popped up in my vegetable garden thanks to the sheep manure I have applied generously over the years.  I think I almost have enough to make Rohan's nettle pesto or Michelle's nettle risotto.

Shades of purple and yellow in freshly picked silverbeet.  

There are more subtle tones of grey in a little bunch of saltbush picked from the paddock. When flowers are in short supply I love putting together bunches of foliage.  

Are you noticing a change in light and colour at your place?

Happy Friday friends! x

As usual I am linking up with cooking and creating extraordinaire Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.