Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stock trucks and smoko

It is drying off here and grass for our sheep and cattle is becoming thin on the ground.  This means it is time to sell some stock while they are still healthy and in saleable condition.

For the last week we have been mustering, drafting, sorting and making decisions on each animal.   My husband has listened to advice from stock agents and looked at the markets before the trucks are finally loaded and our stock head out the front gate, literally. 

I have found myself somewhere between the paddock, the yards and my kitchen.  There has been a steady flow of station workers, truck drivers, stock agents and of course children to feed.

While the days are long and hot the work is satisfying.  Selling our animals is the culmination of years of work as these sheep and cattle have been born and raised on our property.  The end goal is to always sell them at the optimal time taking into account market prices and the season. 

Our children are getting to an age where they are valuable members of the team, as long as there is a steady supply of cold water and sweet biscuits to keep up the energy and enthusiasm levels! 

As I write this, we have had a little bit of rain; such is the cycle of life on the land.

I wonder, are you eating any Australian beef or lamb this weekend?

Happy Sunday, friends x

Friday, January 15, 2016

Our days

In the summer time the predicted temperatures dictate how our days unfold.  It is preferable to do almost everything in the cool of the morning.  Failing to plan work around the cooler parts of the day can actually be quite irresponsible. 

Our days start with checking troughs and tanks to make sure our sheep and cattle have water and that there haven’t been any mishaps overnight to upset the watering systems. Our children are getting to an age where they can help with this important task.

The earliest part of the morning is also preferable for sheep work.  Sheep, sheep dogs and humans all perform better before the sun gets too fierce.  The sun rising in the dust is a bonus for me, although perhaps not everyone notices the beauty in it.

In the later part of the morning I try to visit the vegetable garden.  My patch is still shaded at this time of the day and I can water, clean dripper lines and harvest before these normally fun tasks become plain old hard work. 

At the end of the day we try to head towards one of our dams for a swim.   When it is 45°C even the odd leech isn’t enough to stop us abandoning our hats and boots while the sun sets on another day. 

Where else would you rather be?  Personally, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Are you planning your days around the weather?

Are you noticing the pretty light and beauty,  even in the most extreme conditions?  I hope so.

Happy Friday, friends x

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Space and freedom

The male half of our family recently headed out into one of our paddocks for an overnight camping expedition.  Happily, the female half of the family were invited to join them at their campfire for dinner. 

That evening, as we packed homemade sausages made from our own sheep and homemade bread it occurred to me that we have an incredible amount of freedom to do the things we love. 

We have almost unlimited space to go camping with no admission fees, no campsite rules and not a single soul around us for many miles.  

The land belongs to our family, as does the firewood and the uninterrupted views. 

The kids found a friendly lizard.

I found a bird nest and a twisty tree that reminded me of a sculpture.

We ate a simple dinner served off the back of the ute washed down with a cold beer. 

Sometimes when the earth is dry and the days are hot and dusty I remember the freedom that we have and I know exactly why we live where we live.

I hope you have plenty of space and freedom in your day today x