Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our island home, for a week

We only take a proper holiday once every few years so when we do, I like to put a fair amount of effort into booking accommodation that will hopefully enhance our overall holiday experience. 

Character and charm always win over generic, shiny spaces for me.  Although sometimes there is a fine line between charm, character and bare basics. Thanks to the world of Google and a little intuition I discovered Walden on Flinders Island.  

Walden was possibly one of the cosiest, character filled yet practical holidays rentals we have ever had the pleasure of relaxing in.

Constructed from a thoughtful mix of recycled building materials with uninterrupted mountain views from the main shower and a beach within strolling distance and we couldn't have asked for a happier island base. 

The memories of drawing, chatting, reading and cooking in this sun filled space will stay with us as a family forever. 

What do you look for in holiday accommodation?
Warmth and character or simply five stars?

Happy Sunday, friends x

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Flinders Island escape

If you are contemplating a holiday that involves bargain flights, glittering hotels and endless shopping opportunities Flinders Island is simply not your dream destination.

If on the other hand you are looking for deserted beaches, welcoming locals and endless walking and exploring opportunities Flinders Island could be for you.  

Island life is a lot like outback life in some respects.  To live on an island requires a certain amount of resilience, self sufficiency and organisation.  Council services are limited, many roads are unsealed and all supplies need to be shipped in either by barge or airfreight. Getting on and off the island requires planning for locals and tourists alike.  

Flights, accommodation and hire cars are all limited which means that crowds are non-existent even over a busy period such as Easter, when we visited.  All of these factors make a thoroughly peaceful holiday destination far from the usual, bustling tourist hot spots. 

If you have read some of my older blogs you will know that I love old beach shacks.  You can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these rough little gems hidden in thick, coastal scrub , up narrow bush paths or sitting out on their own tiny islands. 

We were welcomed home by gentle rain, flowers in the garden and all of those things that make home so special but our week of relaxed island living will stay in our hearts for years to come.

While on Flinders Island we:

Bought coffee and local treats from A Taste of Flinders.

Tested local wine from Unavale Vineyard.
If you are interested I will be be posting about our accommodation  separately in the coming days.   

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, friends x

Saturday, April 8, 2017


The last week of the school term can be a killer.  Patience and motivation seem harder to find when the holidays and Easter are both in sight.  On top of that, my enthusiasm is limited when it comes to Easter craft activities and discussions.

Midweek my frustrations must have been quite obvious when my husband questioned why I was letting it all get to me.  He told me to do something that I found inspiring instead.  Why is it that men have a knack of explaining things so simply?  Or is it just me who has a tendency to torture myself with the tedious points of life, when instead I should just get outside and dig in the garden. 

So, I did.  We packed up the books and momentarily stepped away from our distance education computer. 

I cleaned up some dying summer vegetables.

I spent some time admiring beans and sunflowers seeds that I am collecting from the garden.  There is just something about a jar of seeds don’t you think?

I fed my sourdough starter.

I listened to some music, this song and then this song

I messaged an old friend and a cousin who I haven't seen in ages and arranged some real life catch up time.

I baked a batch of Kourabiedes to give as gifts, if they last that long.

I spent some time daydreaming about coffee possibilities at this place and then this place. We are hitting the road very soon and it is getting rather exciting. 

Of course, I can’t always down tools when the going gets tough, but sometimes it is just good to reconnect with the things that make us happy. 

Do you have a favourite thing to do when life starts to boil over?  I know for some of you it is sewing.

Happy weekend, friends x

Sunday, April 2, 2017

My photography uniform

I am guessing that almost everyone reading likes to take photos either with their phone or on a big camera or with some sort of photographic device.   Sometimes my camera feels like an extension of my body and I reach for it constantly.  It feels so familiar and there are times when photos of moments passed bring a tear to my eye.   Not because I think my photos are particularly spectacular, I just get immersed in the memories. 

I find myself looking at the light wherever I am and imaging photographic possibilities.
My camera is almost always with me.  

Unusually for us, we have had two consecutive weekends of social activity, our local races and then a neighbour’s wedding.   On both of these occasions I have found myself a lot more dressed up than usual and I have realised that it is almost impossible for me to take photos when I am in a dress and heels.  For some reason I find it very difficult to be subtle and smooth, camera in hand at big social events.  I find it equally conspicuous and inappropriate to be glued to my camera phone.

Our neighbour’s wedding was a photography paradise.  There was a garden oasis, a glorious outback sunset, a huge sheep trough full of ice and sparkling drinks, a decorated woolshed, a perfect dust haze, genuine country smiles, gorgeous ladies and handsome men.  Yet, in my formal dress and makeup I felt unable to reach for my big lens.  Sitting here now I feel quite regretful but in some ways I know that there are times when it is good to step away from the camera.

For now I will stick to quinces, autumn light, vegetables, horses and scenery from home, captured while I am in my jeans, wide brimmed hat and work boots.  I will work on mastering photography in a dress. 

Do you have a favoured photography uniform?

Do you need to feel comfortable to get into that magical photography zone?  

What are you taking photos of today, I wonder? 

Since it is Sunday I will leave you with two songs.  There are so many big names, voices and songs all wrapped together beautifully in this package.

I know a lot of people who are seeing the Dixie Chicks live while they are in Australia.  This song is a favourite of mine and judging by the Instagram videos in my feed I think a few other people might like it too.   

Happy Sunday, friends x