Sunday, April 2, 2017

My photography uniform

I am guessing that almost everyone reading likes to take photos either with their phone or on a big camera or with some sort of photographic device.   Sometimes my camera feels like an extension of my body and I reach for it constantly.  It feels so familiar and there are times when photos of moments passed bring a tear to my eye.   Not because I think my photos are particularly spectacular, I just get immersed in the memories. 

I find myself looking at the light wherever I am and imaging photographic possibilities.
My camera is almost always with me.  

Unusually for us, we have had two consecutive weekends of social activity, our local races and then a neighbour’s wedding.   On both of these occasions I have found myself a lot more dressed up than usual and I have realised that it is almost impossible for me to take photos when I am in a dress and heels.  For some reason I find it very difficult to be subtle and smooth, camera in hand at big social events.  I find it equally conspicuous and inappropriate to be glued to my camera phone.

Our neighbour’s wedding was a photography paradise.  There was a garden oasis, a glorious outback sunset, a huge sheep trough full of ice and sparkling drinks, a decorated woolshed, a perfect dust haze, genuine country smiles, gorgeous ladies and handsome men.  Yet, in my formal dress and makeup I felt unable to reach for my big lens.  Sitting here now I feel quite regretful but in some ways I know that there are times when it is good to step away from the camera.

For now I will stick to quinces, autumn light, vegetables, horses and scenery from home, captured while I am in my jeans, wide brimmed hat and work boots.  I will work on mastering photography in a dress. 

Do you have a favoured photography uniform?

Do you need to feel comfortable to get into that magical photography zone?  

What are you taking photos of today, I wonder? 

Since it is Sunday I will leave you with two songs.  There are so many big names, voices and songs all wrapped together beautifully in this package.

I know a lot of people who are seeing the Dixie Chicks live while they are in Australia.  This song is a favourite of mine and judging by the Instagram videos in my feed I think a few other people might like it too.   

Happy Sunday, friends x


  1. beautiful Jane !!! not sure how you went to a wedding and didn't snap ! (you know me , the compulsive paparazzi) I like you, do feel a little intrusive but at wedding I always aim for a pic no one else is going to get! perfect with a zoom lense in some cases . just love your work, you have a great eye and I think that's half the battle to that one good pic..... happy snapping, I never tire EWE BEAUTY

    1. Thank you Trish. This has made me think about a few things in relation to photography! Happy snapping to you too. If it had been a family wedding it might have been different, I didn't know the bride very well on this occasion x

  2. So many wonderful things to think about here Jane. I can't think about wearing heels, or photographing anything much, other than the plate of food before me, when in a frock. I am with you on this. Favoured costumes of the moment for photography around the house and the veggie patch- an old pair of pink spotted PJ bottoms, a stretchy bad taste singlet top, no bra, and a big black over sized hat. Other times, if I'm expecting someone to drop in, I might add a support garment.
    Thanks for the link to the Dixie chicks- such a perfect song for Sunday. The other compilation of country road made me think all sorts of things. Like, why are there so many great singers, with a decent outlook on life and enormous talent, and yet that country is ruled by a mad man. I never really liked the song Country Road in the past: too torchy, too American. This time I really enjoyed it, despite the thoughts.
    Your photos, as always, are inspiring.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Francesca. Hooray for the occasional support garment! I have just realised that I linked two very American songs unintentionally, I just like the tunes. I wonder about the mad man too, where will it end? Have a great week, it is truly lovely to hear from you.

  3. Sometimes I think it's good to enjoy the moment, rather than through a lens. Bill and I can be talking about a place we walked through and I instantly have a snapshot in my head of exactly where he means because we probably stopped to look and point things out and talk about it, which we wouldn't have done if I'd been faffing around with my camera.
    Socially, I never take a camera and don't understand the culture of everybody snapping away all the time and then putting it onto facebook.
    I love the way you've captured the autumn light, especially with Dixie Chicks as background music! Happy Sunday Jane.

    1. Thank you for your comment Anne. Cameras certainly do cause a certain amount of faffing, you explain it perfectly! Like you, there are so many things I don't understand or like about Facebook. I have had one particularly bad experience there and I am very wary of it these days. Just when I thought I had got through the 1st of April without being tricked you got me on Instagram, very clever!

  4. I find it interesting that someone who takes such beautiful photos can be uncomfortable taking photos sometimes. (It makes me feel a bit better about myself.) I love photographing nature, but I almost never take my camera to family events (even my daughter's birthday!). Part of that is because I want to be living the moment, not capturing it, and part of it is because I'm rather uncomfortable pointing the camera at people. (And just to mention, I'm from the country that the "mad man" now controls and I am just as scared and confused as the rest of the world!)

    1. Thank you so much for calling in. It is good to know that in a word completely obsessed with capturing every moment on camera that that some of us still choose to enjoy the moment instead.


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