Sunday, January 29, 2017

Head space

Space.  We are so lucky to have plenty of it.  Space to breath, work, think and plan.

Places to catch fish, or at least try.

Places to paddle in our canoes.

Quiet water to cool off in, for ourselves and our animal friends.

Nature’s treasures just waiting to be collected and inspected.

Getting away from our property for a night and heading to the water reminded me that sometimes I become quite complacent about our space and the opportunities it provides.  As we creep towards the end of the school holidays I am determined to make the most of every piece of space around me.

I hope today you are finding some space to breath. 

Happy Sunday, friends. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A strategy for summer

With the school routine and Christmas celebrations a distant memory it is amazing how quickly we have fallen into another whole rhythm.  Farm work continues as usual while on the home front our days are dictated by the weather or more specifically the heat.

Our mornings start early, checking tanks and sheep and squeezing in the odd horse ride.  It really is the best time of the day and I can’t imagine sleeping when scenes like these are unfolding around me.

By mid-morning I am in the vegetable garden harvesting, watering and occasionally day dreaming about seeds and plans and future crops.  In these moments I often think of my vegetable gardening friend Jodie who with her family, is about to embark on a big move and change in her life.  Good luck Jodie x 

By the afternoon we have the air-conditioner cranked up and we settle in for some quieter time: playing, reading, covering the kitchen table with Lego and craft, calming frayed tempers, listening to the ABC, preparing simple dinners and tidying up Lego and craft.  

In the evening there are animals to check again and jobs to finish off.  Then the swimming dam usually calls us where we find some cool and calm in the shade and water.  Is there anything happier or more joyous than a wet dog shaking every single part of his body on a hot afternoon? 

This swimming time is a sanity saver and it is even better when we take dinner with us.  Two birds with one stone and then we head home for an early night.

Does summer require a strategic approach at your place?

I know at least one of my friends has been experiencing snow recently which I find quite unimaginable. 

Have you switched to iced coffee or tea?  I have.

Happy Sunday, friends. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Canoes and horses take to the water

Most summer days are fairly normal.  I get up early and make a pot of tea.  I eat breakfast, read my favourite blogs and Instagrams,  start the washing machine, wake the sleeping children and check in on my vegetable patch.

Last Sunday we all got up at around 5am.  It was too hot for too much breakfast so we were out the door and into the darkness quickly.

As we drove away from the house we noticed a mob of sheep high on the banks of our house dam creating perfect silhouettes against the sunrise.   My photography mission for the day had started.

With some gentle encouragement the horses were loaded into the horse float and soon we were making our way towards the promise of cool water, shade and catch up with a dependable and equally enthusiastic horse riding friend.

As is usual on these missions, half of the team ride the horses while my half of the team stays put, taking care of catering, logistics, equipment and photography. 

With the horses saddled the riders disappeared quickly up the beach and  into the bush.   I made a cup of tea and had a snack while listening to George chat and splash and dig in the sand.   In those early hours the bush was quiet and the water blissfully calming and refreshing.

The riders eventually returned, unsaddled and turned their steeds towards the water.  Our horses have not had a lot of experience in and around water but it didn't seem to faze them.

It is not every day that I capture my crew, our horses, an inland lake and a canoe all in the one photo.  Last Sunday just happened to be one of those days.

I wonder if you are capturing something a bit out of the ordinary? 

How do you make your own fun in the middle of summer, I wonder? 

Happy Sunday friends.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


I called his name and he gave one brave yet lacklustre wag of his tail and although he was breathing, he was almost gone.

Then he was gone, leaving an empty kennel and a sickening, empty feeling in our hearts.

Flash was a small red and tan Kelpie with an enormous heart.  He had big ears and a one track mind when it came to the sheep, goats or occasionally wildlife in his sight. 

Good working dogs earn themselves a huge amount of respect and they become an extension of the family.

RIP Flash, we are all missing you. x

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Taking stock

Here we are at the start of a new, fresh year.  I am not sure whether to think about the achievements of 2016 or focus on the goals for 2017 so perhaps taking stock is an easier way to get started. Thanks Pip

Making: nori rolls with leftover Christmas smoked salmon and avocado.

Cooking: smoko for hungry farming boys.

Drinking: too much of everything over the festive season. 

Reading: my favourite blogs that I have missed over the last week.

Trawling: through children’s clutter, determined to conquer it, at least for a little while. 

Wanting:a pair of shorts that are not too tight, too long, too baggy or too short.  The perfect shorts must be out there somewhere? 

Looking: at my tomatoes, several times a day. 

Deciding: how to make the most of these non-school days. 

Wishing: I had bought some new reading material last time I was in town. 

Enjoying: the lack of school routine.

Waiting:for the mail. 

Liking:long, dangly snake beans growing in the garden. 

Wondering: how best to manage the little projects that have evolved through my photos and social media connections. 

Loving: my family, even with our distance apart, idiosyncrasies and at times irregular communication. 

Pondering: a real holiday sometime this year. 

Listening: to the holiday programming on ABC radio, I love it every year.  

Considering: planting a second round of summer vegetables. 

Buying: a few staple clothing items which seem to be lacking from my wardrobe. 

Watching: a baby goat hop, skip, nibble and jump her way into our hearts. 

Hoping:our eldest is having fun on a mini solo holiday with my mum. 

Marvelling: at an understated but special piece of jewellery given to me by my husband. 

Cringing:at hot cross buns on the shelves alongside the Christmas bargains.  I know it has been well publicised already but consumer choice really has reached ridiculous levels. 

Needing:to get to bed earlier. 

Questioning: the unnecessary pressure I put on myself sometimes, particularly in regards to housework.  

Smelling:fresh basil and sage brought inside in a big bunch. 

Wearing:long sleeved shirts, wide brimmed hats and occasionally swimming gear.  

Noticing: how one afternoon we baked sourdough rolls, made zucchini pickles and slaughtered eight roosters, without any of it feeling like a big deal.  Real food, just saying. 

Knowing: that time spent in and around the cool, calming water in our dam is always time well spent. 

Thinking: about the wise words in this blog post

Admiring: pretty paper lanterns carefully carried all the way from Vietnam to outback NSW by my mum.

Getting: bottles of milk ready to feed Candy Cane the goat.  Candy for short. 

Disliking: lovely friends leaving our town permanently. This happens often unfortunately. Of course, I don’t actually dislike these friends, that’s not what I mean. 

Opening: cupboards that need sorting. 

Closing: the same cupboards in despair. 

Feeling: like January is so full of possibilities that I am not sure where to start. 

Hearing: big and small motorbikes coming and going from the sheds. 

Celebrating: the celebrations are over for now, time to wind it all up for a while. 

Pretending: To have it all together (aren’t we all?!) Copying Pip on this one. 

Embracing: the summer months at home. 

How about you?  

How is 2017 feeling so far?