Sunday, March 12, 2017

Progress and patience

There have been so many ebbs and flows in the last week or two.  In amongst the whirl of it all I have noticed some things.

I have seen that my children are incredibly resilient, responsible and patient in those moments when it really counts.  This week they have supported and encouraged me when I absolutely needed it.   I just couldn’t ask for more.

I have realised that my husband, Terry and I have been married for seventeen years.  Lately, due to farming and business demands we have spent a lot of time apart.  Semi-single parenting and farming can be challenging and crazy at times but like all things, these days will pass.

Apparently autumn is here, but the days are still very hot and dry.  Parts of my garden are feeling the change in season while other parts are still in summer mode. 

I am faced with the eternal question, do I start to pull things out to make room for fresh organic matter and my winter crop or wait until everything has completely finished and collapsed.  Patience or progress?  

Cattle are amazing creatures but they can be hard to catch on camera.  I have been treating these sunset expeditions as mini creative challenges.  It just feels good to spend some time concentrating on the light, dust, animals, horizons and camera settings.

We have an actual, real holiday on the horizon.  Although I am trying not to get ahead of myself I am very excited about some travel, adventure and relaxation.

How is your Sunday looking?

What are you noticing in your world right now?